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Senior Veterans Benefits – What Am I Entitled To?

You can’t help but look back.  All the memories you’ve shared with others, the things you’ve accomplished, and the sacrifices you made for this country. 

What comes after? 

You probably think of the future. You worry about meeting medical costs, living a peaceful life, and enjoying yourself as a senior. 

This should be a time of joy and gratitude for a well-lived life. 

With senior veterans benefits, it’s possible to feel this way. You can be cared for, feel secure and enjoy your life.

But without it, you may feel anxious and worried about your security. Thankfully, you have options. 

Many of these benefits are available to all veterans if they meet certain criteria, but at this stage in your life, you may be eligible for the critical needs you have today.

We’ll review some of the senior veterans benefits you can expect.

You may be familiar with some, like:

  1. Disability Compensation
  2. Veterans Healthcare

We’ll also explore if your benefits stop at any time and other questions we get at United Veterans Assistance.

Senior Veterans Benefits

Veterans Pension, often referred to as Aid and Attendance, comes with add-ons and different benefits depending on seniors’ needs and circumstances.

You may also be entitled to some of these benefits if you are a surviving spouse

Do All Veterans Get Senior VA Benefits?

Veterans are entitled to many programs and benefits from the VA. Below are several:

  1. Aid and Attendance 

The Veterans Pension benefit supports veterans with severe disabilities. 

  1. Disability Compensation

The VA provides financial compensation to veterans who have a service-connected disability. 

  1. Veterans Healthcare 

Qualifying veterans can receive healthcare benefits from the VA.

  1. State Veterans Nursing Homes

The VA offers nursing homes to veterans who require care as they age. 

  1. VA Burial Benefits

Veterans can access veteran cemeteries and receive financial help depending on their situation.

While the VA offers many different senior veterans benefits, we’ll focus on those relating to disability and medical needs as you age. 

As a senior veteran, you have specific, growing needs – like medical and disability necessities. 

The benefit most senior veterans should focus on is Aid and Attendance. 

Aid and Attendance for Senior Veterans 

Aid and Attendance, also known as Veterans Pension, helps senior veterans receive aid for their medical needs.

Veterans with severe disabilities or seniors who need assistance for daily living could be eligible for the program. 

1. Who is eligible for Aid and Attendance?

Senior veterans will meet the medical criteria if they can claim one or more of the following:

  • Need assistance with activities of daily living
  • They have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Parkinson’s
  • They are a resident of a nursing home due to the inability to function
  • They have a profound visual impairment

2.  How much can a senior veteran be eligible for?

Depending on acceptance and their situation, senior veterans can expect up to $3,536 (these amounts get updated annually). 

Much of it depends on the income level the senior veteran receives. For every dollar they earn, they lose an equal amount in benefits. 

This would cancel most veterans out if it weren’t for the exception; thanks to Aid and Attendance policies, many medical expenses can be deducted, allowing veterans to receive the benefit. 

Survivors Pension for Veteran Spouses 

Spouses of Senior veterans can apply for the Survivors Pension. They get the same medical benefits depending on their eligibility. 

To qualify for Survivors Pension, the deceased veteran must have served on active duty during war and meet minimum active-duty service requirements. Additionally, the surviving spouse must be unmarried and demonstrate eligible medical and financial needs. 

At What Age do VA Benefits Stop?

As long as senior veterans are eligible throughout the program, they can receive assistance for the rest of their lives.

How Can I Expedite the Benefits Process? 

Some veterans try to start the application process by themselves. It’s understandable. At first, it looks like a list of forms and requirements to check off. But time after time, we’ve seen many difficult situations because of this choice. 

For example, some seniors apply for Aid and Attendance independently but suffer from long delays and avoidable mistakes on forms and don’t get all they are entitled to. 

It’s an uphill climb that no veteran should go through. 

At United Veterans Assistance, we handle the complicated process for you and often get maximum benefits in only a few months. 

We use a VA-recognized expedited process that includes everything the VA needs from you all at once, done correctly. 

You get the max of what you are entitled to several times faster without the headaches and back and forth. 

How Can I Get Started?

First, we recommend taking a quick look at the requirements. If you are 65 years or older and/or suffer from a disability that impedes daily living or a surviving spouse at any age, you may be eligible.

We recommend contacting us to confirm your eligibility. Once you do, we’ll go through a straightforward process to apply for your benefits. Our team helps you every step of the way to ensure you get what you deserve. 

You sacrificed for us, and we want to honor you by taking care of your future. 

Contact us or call 1.877.807.1400 today to take advantage of your senior veterans benefits.

*United Veterans Assistance is a private company and is not affiliated with, or recognized by the Veterans Administration or any government organization. Only the VA can determine who is eligible for Veterans Pension.


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